During every session your live streams are recoreded for later review, play back and avilable to share to viewers. After you've finished streaming, your sets will be published to your profile page along with a timestamped playlist.

Visitors can review your saved sessions on-demand. Listeners jump directly to the part in your session where you've mixed in the specific track. Your style and mixing skills will get full attention.

You can also use Mase Entertainment live steaming account as a tool to share sets on a regular basis. Let's say that you record a studio set weekly. When using Mase Entertainment live steaming account, you automatically record your set and playlist while playing. After you've finished, just login to Mase Entertainment live steaming account and publish your set. It will then be available for playback on your Mase Entertainment live steaming account profile page immediately.

Our main goal is exposure for all entertainers. In time, entertainer profile pages become portfolio's and act as business cards. Entertainers are promoted every time their sets are played when connected to Mase Entertainment.

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